Monday, 13 May 2013

DG set parts list

DG set parts list
  • recon cylinder block
  • recon cylinder head
  • recon connecting rods
  • recon crankshaft std/std
  • new or recon oil pump
  • new cylinder liners
  • new pistons
  • new piston rings
  • new main and rod bearings
  • new thrust washers
  • new camshaft bushing
  • new or recon camshaft(s) & tappets or cam followers
  • other small internal parts (new or reconditioned)
  • front gears included and engine timed
  • front cover
  • valve train parts
  • valve covers
  • oil pan sump
  • new or recon injectors
  • new or recon turbo (if applicable)
  • intake and exhaust manifolds
  • new or recon air compressor (if applicable)
  • fuel pump or ECM
  • new or recon water pump
  • new or recon oil cooler
  • belt tensioner & belts
  • thermostat housing
  • crankshaft damper

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