Wednesday, 13 May 2015

HOT work Tool box talk


1. Use Alternatives – Whenever possible, avoid hot work and consider alternative methods.

2. Analyze the Hazards – Prior to the initiation of hot work, perform a hazard assessment that identifies the scope of the work, potential hazards, and methods of hazard control.

3. Monitor the Atmosphere – Conduct effective gas monitoring in the work area using a properly
Calibrated combustible gas detector prior to and during hot work activities, even in areas where a
Flammable atmosphere is not anticipated.

4. Test the Area – In work areas where flammable liquids and gases are stored or handled, drain
and or purge all equipment and piping before hot work is conducted. When welding on or in the vicinity of storage tanks and other containers, properly test and if necessary continuously monitor all surrounding tanks or adjacent spaces (not just the tank or container being worked on) for the presence of flammables and eliminate potential sources of flammables.

5. Use Written Permits – Ensure that qualified personnel familiar with the specific site hazards review  and authorize all hot work and issue permits specifically identifying the work to be conducted and the required precautions.

6. Train Thoroughly – Train personnel on hot work policies/procedures, proper use and calibration of combustible gas detectors, safety equipment, and job specific hazards and controls in a language understood by the workforce.

7. Supervise Contractors – Provide safety supervision for outside contractors conducting hot work. Inform contractors about site-specific hazards including the presence of flammable materials

The above seven key lessons not only to be read but to be practiced in all our activities whatever small to avoid any untoward incident.

Tool box talk is essential to analyse and understand the situation and to prepare ourselves to take preventive action before it could occur. One person may not be able to understand the situation but 3-4 people together can overcome any situation if they analyse and then act. 

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