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Electrical Wiring and Test Certificate

House wiring is required for new construction and also for repairing / modification / up gradation in future. The completion of job should not be treated as horse play. In case of defects in electrical wires it can cause fire in house and may even take human life in some cases.
Wiring test certificate

How to ensure good electric works? 
  1. A professional or experienced electrician should be hired for electrification job. All electric works and installations should comply with latest Indian Electricity Acts and Rules in all respects.
  2. Make sure that electrician has calculated total load from various items that would be used in the house. Whether he lays wires that are capable of taking total load. 
  3. All materials used in electrical fittings should be of approved and from a reputed manufacturer as per ISI specifications.
  4. It is the observation that electricians are careless while putting right load bearing wires for a purpose and these wires get burnt at the movement when entire load is put on wires.
House Wiring tips as per ISI Specification
  • The wiring should be carried out for power distribution systems with main and branch distribution boards to convenient centres distinguishing power circuit and lighting circuit separately. 
  • All conductors should run, as far as possible along walls and ceilings, so as to be easily accessible and capable of being thoroughly inspected.
  • We should avoid wiring on above ceiling.
  • Medium pressure wiring and all associated apparatus should comply with specification.
  • The numbers of points in light circuits should not exceed 10 or the total load on circuit should not exceed 800 watts.
  • One circuit can be explained as one connection from electrical meter or main fuse circuit.
  • For power wiring circuit the numbers of points in a circuit should not be more than 2 and the size of wire is 1.5 mm square copper only.
  • Switch boards should be fitted at a height of approximately 1.2 meter.
  • Horizontal run of wiring should be at a height of 3 meter.
  • Earth wire should be 14 SWG in case of copper and 4 mm square in case of aluminium.
  • Fuse wire should be connected to phase wire only.
  • Connect a neutral link in neutral wire.
  • Connect all switches in phase wire.
  • Use 4 sqmm copper wire for power point as for AC and heater.
  • Power wiring is not les than 2.5 sqmm copper wire.
  • Follow colour code even in single phase, Power-R/Y/B colour, neutral-black, earthing-green.
  • Inverter or emergency wire colour may be white /gray for clear identification.
  • An ELCB is essential of 30mA rating for safety reason.
  • Don’t forget to test ELCB to test monthly for working.
  • Minimum size of earth wire for light circuit is 1 mm square for copper and 1.5 mm square for aluminium.
  • One should avoid using aluminium wire for house wiring or where it is less than 6 sqmm due to breaking easily.
  • Contractor or electrician should be asked to make test certificate.

What is the Electrical Installation Certificate?
BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations): It is the safety Certificate which confirms that the electrical installation work to which it relates has been designed, constructed and tested. It is a legal requirement.
IS 732 (1989): Code of Practice for Electrical Wiring
The Electrical Installation Certificate is required for:
- New installations
- When a new circuit or circuits are installed to an existing installation
- The changing of a consumer unit (distribution board)
- When a circuit is altered and the alteration requires changing of the protective device.
After the initial verification, once the full inspection and testing procedure has been carried out, an Electrical Installation Certificate is completed.
To be valid the Electrical Installation Certificate must be accompanied by a: 
- the Schedule of Inspections
- the Schedule of Test Results.
The original document must be given to the "person ordering the work" and a copy should be kept by the electrician who completed the inspection and testing.

 Dated: xx.xx.xxxx
Form of Completion Certificate
I/We certify that the installation detailed below has been completed  by me/us and tested and that to the best of my/our knowledge belief it complies with Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, Electrical installation at  (location)---------   -----------------------                                 _________________________, ----- Voltage and system of supply.
1. Particulars of work:
a) Internal Electrical Installation
No.                         Total Load                           Type or system of wiring
 i) Light point ii) Socket point
a) 5pin 5 Amp.
 b) 6 pin 15 Amp.
b) Others
2. Earthing: -
 i) Description of earthing electrode
 ii) Number of earth electrode
 iii) Size of main earth lead
3. Test results :
 a) Insulation resistance
i) Insulation resistance of the whole ystem of conductors to earth
ii) Insulation between the phase conductor and neutral                                Megaohms
Between Phase R and neutral                                                                    Megaohms
Between Phase Y and neutral                                                                    Megaohms
Between Phase B and neutral                                                                    Megaohms
iii) Insulation resistance between the phase conductors in case of polyphase supply.
Between Phase R and Phase Y                                                                   Megaohms
Between Phase Y and Phase B                                                                   Megaohms
Between Phase B and Phase R                                                                   Megaohms
b) Earth continuity test- Maximum resistance between any point of the earth continuity conductor including metal conduits and main earthing leads Ohm c) Earth Electrode Resistance Resistance of each earth electrode i)……………..Ohm ii)…………….Ohm iii)……………Ohm iv)……………Ohm

 Signature                                                                                                      Signature 
 Name of client rep.                                                                                   Name of the Supervisor
M/s-----                                                                                                    M/s-----(seal of company.)


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