Saturday, 20 October 2012

Electrical Circuit for cracker firing

Cracker firing circuit

Cracker firing:
Firecrackers are normally ignited by using a matchstick or a candle. We have to run away quickly after igniting the fuse of the firecracker. This method of igniting firecracker is unsafe, because the danger of the firecracker bursting before you reach a safe distance is always there.

The device described here uses bell switch controlled with 230Volt AC, 50Hz domestic power supply.
Thus the firecracker can be ignited from a safe distance using the circuit described below in conjunction with the bell switch. The device is very helpful for Ravan Dahan with Kumbh karan and Meghnath.

Material list  for one circuit–
Element 1000w-01 no
Dry bamboo piece-1.5 inch dia, 6 inch long-01 no.
Bell switch on wooden board-01 no.
MCB 10A-01 no.
Change over switch-16A -01 NO. for dual supply otherwise not required
Copper flexible wire –as required.

Electrical circuit for cracker firing

Wrap a plane white paper on bamboo piece. Wrap element on bamboo piece in round shape. Wrap coil with straw as desired  only  02 layers. Connect the element terminal with wire.

Switch for 15 seconds. Element will get red hot and it will catch fire thus it will fire cracker safely.

Safety-live min 10 meter far from ignited place. In case huge statue firing min distance 30 meter.



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