Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Panel Space Heater

panel space heater
Space Heaters are ideal for prevention of condensation, corrosion. Leakage currents in L.T. & H.T. Switchgear panel boards , electronic instruments & panels etc. The specially developed design incorporates a stainless steel sheathed cartridge heating element in perforated sheet metal enclosure. Black iodized finish ensures rapid heat dissipation.
A 2 x 2.5 mm2    porcelain terminal block is provided for electrical connection. Installation can be done in vertical or horizontal position, although horizontal mounting is Preferred. Distance from surface of panel should be at least 10 mm. and distance from plastic parts should be at least 50 mm.
These are available in standard:
 Stem lengths of 145, 175,235,275mm
Wattage range of  40,60,80,100,150, 200,250,300 watt.
Voltage of 110,230,415V

Tested  for following specific tests.
1) High Voltage Test At 2Kv for 1min.
2) Insulation Resistance > 10 Mega Ohms.
3) Power rating within ± 5%.

Thermostats are ideal for temperature control of space heaters used In LT & HT switchgear & panel boards etc.
Principle of operation : With temp rise, the principle of  differential expansion of brass tube and a Nickel/Iron (inver) Rod is used to actuate a highly accurate snap action micro gap switch located in the head which makes it keep the temperature constant within the differential i.e. A single pole, single throw, normally closed circuit breaks (opens) on rise of temperature.

Construction : The micro gap switch assembly is mounted on a heat resistant base, with rigid brass pillar terminals. Heavy duty Ag cdo contacts are provided for long trouble free life. A thermosetting cover with clear and precise graduations is provided along with a setting knob. Thermostat can be fixed in any position.
These are available in standard:
 Stem lengths of 7"(175mm), 11" (275mm).
Temperature range of 25 deg. C to 85 deg.
Contact rating of 15A, 230A ac

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