Thursday, 1 November 2012

Rain Dance Lighting

Rain dance
What, where and when?
Rain Dance Lighting
Dance is the symbol of enjoyment and getting the thing done. Dance has been in existence since thousands of years, location like in forest, farm, boat, ship etc. Dance is enjoyed in different occasion on Barat, birthday, festival etc. Rain dance has its own charming. Rain dance is more enjoyable especially in summer in evening and in open closed field.

Light and music
Light and music is the most important tool for rain dance in summer at night. It enhances the atmosphere and mystery. Make lattice arrangement and fix the clorful lighting on it.Quantity depends on the size of stage. Get drenched in music with rain showers. Chill out yourselves and dance to the beats of DJ Videek in the rain dance parties.
  • Working with available light
  • Using Tungsten lights and daylight together
  • Hard & soft lighting
  • Diffusion & flagging to control light
  • Creating a cinematic look
Costume and umbrella
·         If costume is arranged it will be wonder full. Costume may be decided as per age group. Umbrella provides a good look. Colourful umbrella shall generate a good entertainment.
Rain dance floor:
Rain dance floor should be attractive and well supportive in dance. The floor may be made from kota stone, well finished and even surface. Colourful surface with some design shall be very enjoyable.
Coffee/tea/ pakora
During the dance there should be breakand light snack shall enhance the enjoyment. Snack may be chosen as per locality liking.
Ø  Be careful in the selection of dance attire.
Ø  Spin around in clockwise circles.
 Make up your own rain chant.  It should be rhythmical and easy to say fast.
Ø  Find a large open area where you feel inspired and comfortable to dance.
Ø  Continue as long as you please before stopping abruptly and dropping to your knees.

Ø  Never do a rain dance on a hill. 
Ø  Don’t use whisky during dance.

Rain Dance Song typical
1.      Dhak Dhak Karne Laga - Anil Kapoor, Madhuri
2.      Saajan Mera Us Paar Hai - Lata Mangeshkar
3.      Full song:Nepali movie Shreeman hot rain
4.      Pyar hua ekrar hua
5.      Kisi se jab pyar hota hai
6.      Naino me sapna, sapno me naina
7.      Isaq ki raat
8.      Jane kyo log muhabat karte hai
9.      Tum bhi bekrar
10.  Tum yad na aya karo
11.  Na kajri ke dhar na motiyo ke haar
12.  Pardeshi pardeshi jana nahi mujhe chhor ke

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