Sunday, 19 March 2017

Flower show 2017

flower show – 2017
Panipat Refinery & Petrochemical Complex (PRPC) displayed a spectacular show and disseminated a mist of fragrance everywhere during its 16th Flower Show held at Children Park, PRPC Township from February 25 to 26, 2017.  There were 39 categories for competition in the flower show and 167 entries were received and 142 types of flowers and plants species were displayed.
flower show gate 

The programme started with PRPC song and thereafter a stunning performance by little girl students of DPS Panipat Refinery who performed a welcome song which enthralled the spectators.  
flower show 2
 We get the oxygen from plants and trees and that also free of cost.  On an average we consume oxygen per day works out to Rs. 2,107/- and up to the year of 65 the cost of consuming Oxygen would be around Rs. 5 crores.  Hence, one should cultivate the habit of growing and planting saplings and flowers as they are serving the society silently and playing a vital role in keeping the human beings pleasant and healthy. 
flower show 3
People  appreciated the organizers and participants for making the event splendid by displaying a large number of flowers’ species and making the event remarkable. the artists who  came from Bihar and showcased their art by making ceramic statues of Bandevi, Laughter Buddha, Snakes, Crocodile, monkeys, peacock and birds etc. as this art was a mega attraction which was displayed first.  
flower show 4
On this occasion, a video film of approx. 20 minutes was displayed on the LED Screen showing the history and historical places of Panipat, history of flower show at PRPC, Ecological Park, and green belt in the surrounding of PRPC, various parks and green area of the PRPC which was liked by one and all. 

On February 26, 2017, the concluding day, the atmosphere became breathtaking when cultural programmes were staged by the students of DPS, employees of PRPC and members of officers’ wives club.  A musician who was especially called upon from New Delhi mesmerised the visitors.  Prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions. The Flower show was successful and applauded by all.


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