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Oil Level Indicator for transformer

oil level indicator for transformer

Oil Level Indicator for transformer

Magnetic oil level gauge consist of the main body, with following parts-      
Gear assembly
Magnetic couple
Float with arm
Cam assembly with mercury switch
Dial with pointer

The float is hinged and swings up  or down when oil level rises or falls. This rise or fall rotates the bevel gear and thus the pinion of the gear assembly. The pinion in turns rotates the driving magnet inside the conservator. The follower magnet positioned outside carries a pointer and a cam. The pointer reads oil level and the cam is set to operate the mercury switch at pre determined low level.
Oil level inner side view

The dial is calibrated as per requirement. A drawing showing height of oil level inside the conservator at corresponding marking on dial shall is required.
Alarm switch
One normally open , mercury switch is provided to actuate low level alarm. The switch is adjustable to compensate error in orientation of pad.  Leads of this switch are connected to the terminals.

     SR.                DESCRIPTION              MATERIAL
1.                 MAIN BODY             -                   AL (LM6)
2.                LIMIT STOPPERS -                      Brass
3.                LEVER WITH GEAR-                  Brass
4.                FLOAT-ARM-                               Brass
5.                FLOAT                                           Brass
6.                HOLE FOR CABLE GLAND     
7.                CONNECTOR
8.                MERCURY SWITCH GLASS-    Brass
9.                NUT (FOR ADJ. MER. SWITCH)- Brass
10.            DIAL WITH POINTER                AL


Typical specification
1.      Operating liquid                      : transformer oil IS 335 or equivalent
2.      Working temperature              : 0-100 deg.c
3.      Working pressure                    : 0-4 kg/cm sq
4.      Environment                           : suitable for indoor and outdoor use
5.      Electrical switch                      : one SPST mercury switch
6.      Contact rating                         : 5 amps 240V, AC. 0.5 amp 240V DC
7.      Switch operation                     : normally open, closes when oil level drops to near  
                                                 empty condition. Switch recovers automatically on  
                                                 rising of oil level.


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