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Standard used in electrical industry

Standard used in electrical industry  

British Standards Institution BSI  
All British Standards plus IEC standards, CENELEC standards etc. available here.  You can search the standards database for specific words and order online.
CENELEC. Information on CENELEC standards.
CEN. Information on CEN Standards  (European non-electrical standards)
International Electrotechnical Commission IEC
News and information about the work of this organisation. (For information on the IEC Ex Certification scheme see direct link further down this page.)
International Standards Organisation ISO
List of Harmonized Standards
Technical standards which have been harmonized for ATEX purposes. (Using a harmonised standard - for example in the design of equipment - cofers compliance with one or more aspects of the ATEX Equipment Directive.

European Union (including sites with ATEX information) 
European Union  Main EU Web Site
Everything you want to know about the EU (and lots you did not want to know).  You can see the latest Directives and download them from here.
From here you can see details of Harmonized Standards, get details of Notified Bodies as well as seeing the text of the Directive and interpretation matters. (New Guidance Notes May 2007)
Information about standards for use with ATEX

UK Government Sites (including sites with ATEX information)
Sounding like something out of the Ministry of Magic, this is the replacement for the DTI! Find your way through this huge site to the Standards and Regulations Department and locate Publications available for download.  In the resulting list you will find a useful booklet on the ATEX Equipment Directive.
Now termed the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, (ex DTI) from this page you can download the Directive and the DTI Guide to the Directive in Adobe pdf format.
Health and Safety Executive  (UK Government)
Masses of information on all aspects of the work of this Government department.  Also links to other European Union sites.
DSEAR Full Text Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations.
HSE Book finder site.  (To find the DSEAR Guide and Code of Practice, type in DSEAR, click search and then select 'dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres'.)

If the chips are down and you need an expert witness on just about anything this is the place to look. 
The IEC Ex Scheme
Details of the IEC Ex certification scheme which allows certification of equipment which is acceptable throughout those countries adopting the scheme.
Standards Association of Australia   Australian standards and product testing
Canadian Standards Association   Canadian standards and product testing
National Fire Protection Association   USA NFPA National Electrical Code NFPA 70.  Article 500 covers hazardous areas. Still valiantly hanging on to the outdated Division concept! (But recognising the IEC as well)
The National Electrical Code (NEC)
The National Electrical Code is the "Bible" of the Electrical Industry, and the primary source of reference for hazardous locations. The NEC is also the basis for OSHA standard, Hazardous (Classified) Locations. There are several OSHA standards that require the installation of electrical wiring and equipment in hazardous (classified) locations according to the requirements of Subpart K, Electrical. The NEC should be consulted as a supplement to the OSHA standards for additional background information concerning hazardous locations.

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