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Illumination or lighting design

Illumination or lighting design
Lighting is an essential service in all the industries, Public place, offices, home etc.Lighting  varies between 2 to 10% of the total power depending on the type of industry. Innovation and continuous improvement in the field of lighting, has given rise to tremendous change Energy saving may not be ignored with variety of light.

Required for
¨  Required for ease of life
¨  For safety
¨  For beauty
¨  For journey
¨  For business
¨  For production
¨  For medial 
¨  Lumen is a unit of light flow or luminous flux. The lumen rating of a lamp is a measure of the total light output of the lamp.
¨  Lux is the metric unit of measure for illuminance of a surface. One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter.
¨   Circuit Watts is the total power drawn by lamps and ballasts in a lighting circuit under assessment.
¨   Unit: lux per watt per square metre (lux/W/m²)
¨  Incandescent lamps produce light by means of a filament heating
¨  GLS (General Lighting Service) lamp include the filament, the bulb, the fill gas and the cap.
¨  Reflector lamps are basically incandescent, provided with a high quality internal mirror, which follows exactly the parabolic shape..
¨  Luminaire is a device that distributes, filters or transforms the light emitted from one or more lamps. It is a housing.
¨  Ballast-A current limiting device, to counter negative resistance characteristics of any discharge lamps.
¨  Ignitors:These are used for starting high intensity Metal Halide and Sodium vapour lamps
Gas discharge lamp
The light from a gas discharge lamp is produced by the excitation of gas contained in either a tubular or elliptical outer bulb.
The most commonly used discharge lamps are as follows:
¨  • Fluorescent tube lamps (FTL)
¨  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
¨  • Mercury Vapour Lamps
¨  • Sodium Vapour Lamps
¨  • Metal Halide Lamps
Light orientation
¨  Diffuse light: This produces very uniform, soft lighting, which illuminates the entire space and makes objects visible, but produces reduced shadows or reflections.
¨  Directed light :The essential properties of directed light are the production of shadows on objects and structured surfaces, and reflections on specular objects
Application area
¨  Indoor lighting
¨  Out door lighting
¨  Lighting in hazardous area
¨  Lighting in mine
¨  Domestic lighting
¨  Industrial lighting
¨  Lighting for monument
¨  Street lighting
¨  Training hall
¨  Shopping mall
¨  High way lighting
¨  otels, reception, room, bar room, conference room
¨  Housing colony
¨  Auditorium
¨  Cinema hall
¨  Fair
¨  Club
¨  Street lighting
¨  Park lighting
¨  Light house
¨  Religious place

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